Granite Gorge Ski Resort is as refined as its name makes it sound. The chosen ski hill for many Olympians, Granite Gorge Ski Resort offers amazing trails for beginners and experts alike. Founded in the 1950s, Granite Gorge’s location is ideal for keeping powder on the hill as it faces north and is protected from the wind. Which means you can enjoy a longer ski season than most other mountains in the area.

Expert Level Adventures

For skiers that are more experienced and are looking to go fast, Granite Gorge offers a kids and adults ski racing program. Whether you are learning how to make those sharp turns around the giant slalom gates or are perfecting your skills in hitting the slalom gates on the way down, Granite Gorge has it all. Thursdays nights are the infamous adult racing night at Granite Gorge. Fun races are available on Fridays for skiers looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, or some friendly competition. Granite Gorge also has one of the best terrain parks around. Get out and practice your jumps, rails and tricks. As always though make sure you’re wearing a helmet for racing or performing tricks on the mountain, safety is of utmost importance at the mountain.

Alternative Adventures

Granite Gorge ski hill also has fourteen kilometers of cross country ski trails to be enjoyed by skiers and snowshoers alike. The trails are some of the best in Southern New Hampshire and are groomed during the weekends. With the cheapest trail rates in New Hampshire, you will definitely want to take advantage of these trails. Don’t worry if you’ve never cross-country skied before, there are rentals and lessons available for all ages. Tubing is another popular past time on the mountain, especially for children. The tubing hills are sure to please everyone participating. Special pricing is available for groups as well so make sure to check these in advance!

Beyond the Mountain

Granite Gorge’s ideal location makes it a great place to stay, eat and party when you aren’t spending time on the slopes. There are quite a number of hotels and types of accommodations in the area to suit any budget. Some of the best brand name restaurants also find their home near Granite Gorge Ski Resort so you can be sure you are getting quality food you love just like at home. Finally, after a tough day on the slopes and a delicious dinner, what better way to spend your evening than the seemingly endless list of pubs around!