With your travel, lodging, and lift tickets in hand, the last major pillar of your trip planning is the ski equipment itself. Pretty much every resort is more than happy to take care of your New Hampshire ski rentals and most other equipment needs. Still, before you pay those full resort prices, keep these tips in mind to save yourself some money.

Tips for New Hampshire Ski Rentals

The absolute best way to save money on New Hampshire ski rentals is to rent early. As soon as you know the dates of your ski-cation, get online and reserve your gear. Book in advance at least two weeks to get the best discounts. In fact, let us help you, and we can get you up to a 20 percent discount on all your equipment rentals.

Remember that if you’re renting from the resort counter, you’re going to pay the resort premium for the added convenience. A better plan is likely to take five minutes and stop in town on your way to the slopes. The difference in price for some equipment can be eye-opening. For example, a standard rental at Cannon will cost $41 per day at the walk-up rate. There is a discount for multiple days, so a five-day rental will cost $162. In nearby Lincoln at the Village Ski and Snowboard, an equivalent package for five days is only $95. The savings speaks for itself.

Rental Store vs. Resort Equipment

You might wonder if there’s a difference in the gear you rent from the resort vs what you get from a local rental shop. There may be slight differences, such as manufacturer or model. Additionally, the skis you get may be from last season. But realistically, there is no big difference at all. No matter where you get your equipment from, you’ll be happy you got quality gear and saved some money on it.

While you’re shopping around for your rental gear, you should consider purchasing a helmet instead of renting one. A good ski helmet will only cost about $80, while a rental is about $10 per day. A personal helmet is a good idea from a safety and sanitary perspective. With your own helmet, you know where it’s been and how it’s been used.

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