Wildcat Mountain Resort is rated very highly among New Hampshire ski resorts. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy spectacular views of White Mountain National Forest, Tuckerman Ravine, and the surrounding Presidential Range. With high-speed chairlifts skiers can enjoy more runs than many other competing ski resorts and in order to take advantage of the great hills skiers and snowboarders need to make sure they have the best equipment and ski renting is a great option. You can save up to twenty percent at Wildcat Mountain ski rentals compared to competitors in the area. As soon as you know you’re headed to Wildcat Mountain, check with us. We’ve got the relationships with the places you can get your Wildcat Mountain ski rentals and can get you at least a 20 percent savings.

Ease and convenience with renting

Lugging ski and snowboarding equipment when travelling can get expensive and annoying. For travellers flying in bringing personal skis, snowboards, poles or books can really add up the costs from weight and extra baggage. For travellers who aren’t too far away and decide to drive, bringing personal equipment can take up quite a bit of space the car. It’s always best to consider renting equipment by checking with us to find the best deals.

Knowing the gear you need

While skis are the most obvious piece of equipment people need when looking to get out on the slope there are other items to consider. Finding proper boots are important as well. Ski boots should feel slightly uncomfortable and stiff but with some proper flexing one be able to move their knees and shins slightly. Ski boots should not cut off the circulation of the feet but should be snug enough that feet aren’t moving around too much. Poles are also of upmost importance for more advanced skiers. They are meant to initiate the beginning of a turn. Poles should be comfortable when the arm is in a ninety degree angle when standing in full gear.

No matter where you choose to get your ski rentals from you should check with us first to make sure you are finding the best deal around. We can help save you up to twenty percent on ski or snowboard rentals. Remember, you often save money by renting packaged equipment instead of individually.

Additional Renting Options

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