One of the best ways to save money and stress when planning a ski trip is renting your equipment. This may sound counterintuitive but when considering the cost of additional luggage, and heavy items at that, skiers will be saving on premium costs. Waterville Valley ski rental shops have great options for renting equipment. With lots of options available with price and equipment type it’s best to do your homework and check with us to get the most for your savings. We have relationships with rental shops across the mountain, which can help save you up to twenty percent from rental fees.

Book in advance

Just as you would make sure to book your ski tickets, your hotel and car rental, it’s important to reserve equipment before you arrive. Waterville Valley ski rentals have many options near the hill. You never know how busy the ski hills will be the weekend or week you arrive so it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re looking to save money there are value packages available as well.

Quality matters

You should always look for ski rental companies that have skis that come tuned and waxed to keep them in top shape for all skiers. Having a sharp ski edge is important when carving turns on any kind of snow conditions. Rental equipment from Waterville Valley ski rentals can include premium brands like Rossignol and K2 for skis, or Burton for snowboarders.

It’s important to remember when renting ski or snowboard equipment to purchase a rental helmet as well. No matter how good of a skier one might be, you can’t rely on the skills of other skiers on the hills. It’s always best to be safe then sorry, especially considering the low cost of rental helmets any Waterville Valley ski rental shops. For example at some shops helmet rentals start at $13 a day or $40 per season skiers can feel safer on the hills.

Bundles are better

For first-time skiers renting equipment, many Waterville Valley ski rentals often have options to include lift tickets or group lessons with a full day of equipment. For more advanced skiers, higher performance equipment are usually available to rent as well. Feel as comfortable on the slopes as you would with your own equipment.

Additional Options

There are many shops nearby that will provide quality at a great price:

Exit 28 Rentals:

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