With a hundred acres of skiable terrain, Crotched Mountain Resort offers fantastic skiing and snowboarding for anyone looking to take a ride at an underrated mountain. Crotched Mountain is the only ski hill that let’s winter lovers ride until three in the morning! With that many skiable hours it’s important to make sure you have the proper equipment take advantage. There are many options for Crotched Mountain ski rentals in the area so make sure to check with us for the best savings. We can help you save up to twenty percent on ski rentals at Crotched Mountain.

The importance of safety

An underrated and often overlooked important aspect of skiing and snowboarding, safety should always be top of mind for riders, as it is for many staff members at Crotched Mountain ski rental shops. Having the proper equipment will help keep you safe on the mountain. Knowing what to look for when it comes to safety on the hill and rental equipment can make the difference of a great day on the hills, or a painful one.

Always make sure ski boots are comfortable and not too loose. Having ski boots that are too loose have skiers flying down a hill in socks. Let the Crotched Mountain ski rental staff know if you feel like your boots don’t feel right. Many skiers also don’t know why it’s important to pay attention to the dins settings on their skis. DIN settings determine how easy or hard it is for ski boots to pop out of your skis in the event of a fall. While it’s important that boots stay locked in skis when skiing down the hill, having skis stay on during a fall can result in broken legs or worse. DIN settings are determined by the skiers weight, skill level, height and age. Also always make sure that ski poles come with straps that are loose enough to shift hands in and out with whatever gloves you’ll be wearing that day.

Knowing the options

Because Crotched Mountain Resort is so popular there are many opportunities for finding great deals. Crothced Mountain ski rental companies make sure to have several options when it comes to brand and sizing for any skiers. Doing a bit of research could help save money and time. It’s always recommended that skiers do their due diligence when it comes to researching options for rentals. Make sure you decide whether equipment type or budget is more important, it’s often rare to find the best of both worlds. The following list contain rental shops close by with great options for all skill levels and budgets:

Sport Y Life: http://www.sportloftskishop.com/

Snowboard Jones: http://www.snowboardjones.com/

Bob Skinners: http://www.bobskinners.com/

Sports Authority: http://www.sportsauthority.com/home/index.jsp

Sport Loft Ski Shop: http://www.yelp.com/biz/sport-loft-ski-shop-amherst