Renting your ski gear instead of buying has gained popularity with skiers headed to Bretton Woods. Renting not only saves vacationers money, but it also lets them try the latest models without investing thousands of dollars. However, no matter what level of skier you are, you can always save money on your Bretton Woods ski rentals. Here are some tips on how to save as much as you can.

Getting the Goods for Cheap

If there was only one tip that will save you the most money on your Bretton Woods ski rentals, it’s this: rent online as early as you can. Sure, it takes some planning ahead to do, but with our help, you can save up to 20 percent on your gear. As soon as you have your vacation plans in place, check with us. We have the connections to get you the best prices. Still, not all vacations are planned months in advance. It’s still possible to save a bundle on those spur of the moment getaways too. When you’re heading there, we can still help you save by getting you deals at the local rental shops.

To see how prices can vary between the resort and the smaller rental shops, consider when renting from Drummond’s Mountain Shop. A standard sport package has a daily price of $35 with a discount built in for multiday rentals. With the discount, a five-day rental runs $110. Compare this to the resort prices for your Bretton Woods ski rentals, where they offer a daily rate of $45 with a discounted five-day rental of $181. If you’re willing to travel a half hour down SR-302, Heaven’s Ski Shop offers $15 day rentals and a full 7-days for only $75. That’s a ridiculous savings that more than covers the gas.

Gear Tips for Skiing Bretton Woods

When you go skiing at Bretton Woods (or anywhere for that matter), there are two things that sometimes are overlooked that are essential for having a great time. The first is a good pair of ski socks. Ski socks are made of merino wool (although synthetics are also great). This lets them be thin enough not to interfere with the fit of your ski boot. Additionally, they are great at insulating your feet, keeping them warm and wicking away sweat so your feet stay dry. Don’t wear standard cotton athletic socks. That’s just going to leave you miserable at the end of the day.

The other item that sometimes is neglected is a helmet. We can’t stress enough how important it is that you protect your brainpan. Helmets save lives every year on the slopes. Your Bretton Woods ski rentals probably won’t have a helmet included because many people own their own helmet. It’s a great economical option if you’re going to be skiing more than a couple of weeks in your life.

Top Companies for New Hampshire Ski Rentals

Drummond’s Mountain Shop

Heaven’s Ski Shop

Andes Mountain Sports