With beautiful landscape surrounding the mountain, skiers of all skill abilities can enjoy the beautiful scenes on their way up and down the mountain. With eighty years of skiing history Black Mountain Resort is a family friendly resort that provides the perfect family experiences for everyone. With ski lessons for all ages it’s important skiers are prepared with the proper equipment.

Reservations Required

Beginner skiers must know the importance of renting proper ski equipment to ensure success of their day! If renting from any Black Mountain ski rental company, skiers are advised to reserve equipment in advance. By doing this they will ensure the shop will have the properly sized ski boots, poles and skis. By reserving, skiers and snowboarders will save themselves time waiting in line as well. Comfort and time are not the only reason to want to make sure reservations are made; safety is also a concern. If properly sized rental equipment isn’t available, skiers are not advised to ski in boots or skis that are too big. Ski boots should be snug without being too tight or too loose. Skis should be properly sized based on weight and height. Ask the rental staff at any of the Black Mountain ski rental companies as they will be able to help fit you properly.

Black Mountain Rentals

Black Mountain ski rental companies have affordable ski rentals for all ages and skill levels. Skiers are able to rent skis and boots packaged together or individually. Helmets and poles are also available for rent. Helmets are always strongly recommended as additional rental equipment to help skiers and snowboarders stay safe on the mountain. With the Black Mountain ski rentals, generally the more days you ski the more you save as well. Booking for multiple days at one time are recommended to make sure you are not missing out on any possible deals. Always make sure to check with us before booking, we may be able to save you up to twenty percent with our great relationships!

Knowledge is power

When considering what rental equipment, skiers should do their research first. With so many different types of skis, poles and snowboards available these days it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Always remember skill level when choosing the proper skis. The higher the technology with skis, the easier it is to turn, curve and flex them. While this may sound like a good thing, if a skier isn’t advanced enough to know how to handle a bended ski they may get injured. Wider skis are easier to turn and easier to handle. Just remember to be honest with the rental staff when it comes to skill level, weight and height – safety first!

Some rental shops include:

Heavens Ski Shop: http://heavensski.com/

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation: http://jacksonxc.org/

Sport Thoma: http://www.sportthoma.com/