Skiing in New Hampshire is a treat, and skiing Mount Sunapee is an amazing adventure. But you know that to get up on the slopes, you have to get lift tickets. Unfortunately, lift tickets can be the most expensive part of a skiing vacation.  A week of skiing at Mt. Sunapee can run almost four hundred dollars per person at resort window rates. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay those rates because it’s easy to get discount Mount Sunapee lift tickets. Listed below are the current lift ticket prices for the 2015-2016 season.

Avoid the High Priced Window

Here’s the thing. Nobody likes to feel like they’re spending more money than they need to, especially during a vacation. If you’re buying your lift tickets at the resort window, paying full price, you’re doing exactly that. It’s simple to get discount Mount Sunapee lift tickets, so there is no reason to pay full price. The resorts count on you getting to your destination and not having lift tickets already. After all, when you get to the slopes, you just want to ski, not hunt around for deals. Don’t make the mistake of getting your tickets at the resort window.

Half Day Tickets

Another mistake you want to avoid is going in for a half-day ticket. It seems like a great deal, paying a reduced price. After all, you’re saving money, which is a good thing. However, unless you arrive after the cutoff time, you’re really losing out, and on a lot more than money. This is your vacation. A half day ticket saves you sixteen bucks, but is that worth missing out on time you should be spending skiing? So if you find yourself at the slopes a couple hours after opening without a lift ticket, don’t wait around. Get your lift ticket and get skiing. That’s why you’re on vacation. Thankfully, it’s easy to get discount Mount Sunapee lift tickets so you don’t have to worry about these things.

How to Get Your Discount Lift Tickets

By far, the best and easiest way to get your discount Mount Sunapee lift tickets is to shop early. As soon as you know you’re going skiing, check with us for the best discounts and deals.With our help, you can save the most money possible on your lift tickets. Remember, advance lift tickets are usually limited, so it’s important that you plan ahead and get them quickly. We are continually updating our information so you can make the best decisions for your vacation.

Other Savings

There are other easy ways to save money and get discount Mount Sunapee lift tickets. If you haven’t prepurchased your tickets, look for ski and stay packages. These bundles combine a lift ticket with your lodging and save you money on the total cost. The best thing about ski and stay packages is that you can get multiple lift tickets with your room and save on all of them. Mount Sunapee also offers discounts on midweek lift tickets, and your savings increase if you purchase multiple days. This is another reason why you should let us help you with your lift tickets. We’ll help you find the best discounts across the days you need.