Loon Mountain is one of New Hampshire’s most popular ski destinations, attracting vacationers from all over the world. Your vacation there is going to be amazing. However, you know that you’re going to need a lift ticket every day to enjoy the slopes. With a week’s worth of skiing costing over five hundred dollars at the window, lift tickets are one of the most expensive parts of a ski vacation. Don’t worry, though. Getting great discount Loon Mountain lift tickets is really easy, especially with our help. Following is a list of window prices for the 2015-16 ski season at Loon Mountain.

Skip the Window, Skip the Line

That feeling of regret when you know you’ve overpaid for something is a rotten thing. And if you’re at the resort window, about to pay full price, that’s a feeling you’re going to know intimately. The window is where you’ll find the absolute highest prices are for lift tickets. The resort knows that if you’re at the window, you’re going to pay whatever they charge to get out on the snow. Don’t pay that much, especially when it’s so easy to save money and get discount Loon Mountain lift tickets.

Half-Day Tickets

While we’re talking about saving money, you may think that half day tickets are a deal. After all, if you’ve gotten to the resort after it opens, why should you pay for a full day that you aren’t going to use. Still, this is your vacation. The difference between a half day ticket and a full day ticket is only ten bucks. Is that worth the timeĀ  you’re going to be missing on the slopes? You came to ski, not watch other people have fun. About the only time a half day ticket makes sense is if you’re at the resort just before the cutoff and you don’t have a lift ticket already. However, with our help, you won’t ever face this situation. You’ll have your discount Loon Mountain lift tickets ready and be out on the slopes without a worry.

Getting Discount Lift Tickets

The best way to ensure that you’re not spending more than you need to on your discount Loon Mountain lift tickets is to get them as early as you can. Lift tickets, much like any other resort or park ticket, the longer you wait to buy them, the more you end up paying. And discounted tickets are often limited, so if you wait too long, you may not be able to find one for the day you want. As soon as you know when you want to go skiing at Loon Mountain, check with us. We are always updating our deals and information so we can help you save the most money possible. With our help, you can get the best deals on the best lift tickets to make your vacation great.

Other Discounts at Loon Mountain

Sometimes we won’t have a deal that fits for the days you want to hit Loon Mountain. Not to worry. Another easy way to get discount Loon Mountain lift tickets is to look for ski and stay packages at nearby hotels. Loon Mountain will collaborate with them to package lift tickets in with a slightly increased cost for the hotel room, but you still save money overall. Loon Mountain also offers a flat discount of ten dollars to all military personnel plus one dependent at any time. You can be active duty or reserve or retired. There are also special military rate days, some during peak holiday ski times, where adult tickets are steeply discounted.