When you decide to vacation at Ragged Mountain, you may try to decide if you should buy your own skis or rent on site. Renting is definitely a way to save money, especially with what airlines are charging to travel with skis. When you rent, however, there are ways to avoid paying more than you need to get great gear. Here are some tips for getting your Ragged Mountain ski rentals.

How to Get Gear for Less

Ideally, as soon as you know you’re heading for the slopes at Ragged Mountain, you’re going to get online and check with us. After all, we have the connections to get you the best deals on your Ragged Mountain ski rentals. With our help, you can save up to 20 percent on all your gear. If this is a last minute getaway or you didn’t think about renting your gear in advance to save money, don’t panic. We can still help you out by getting you in touch ski rental shops.  You’re still going to get great gear at great prices.

You’re probably flying into Concord if you’re planning on skiing Ragged Mountain, and there’s a great shop with exceptional deals right in town. SW Sports offers an Adult alpine ski package that runs $120 per week. You actually get the skis for 9 days, because you pick up the day before and can drop off the day after by 6pm. Compare this to the cost of renting at the counter. The price for a set of  basic Ragged Mountain ski rentals is $43 per day, which over 7 days adds up to just over $300. That’s a lot of money you can save by letting us help you rent off-site.

A Couple of Things

First, when you go skiing at Ragged Mountain (or anywhere else), don’t forget your helmet. It can be easy to overlook this essential piece of gear, especially because it often isn’t bundled in with your standard Ragged Mountain ski rentals. This is because a lot of skiers who rent still own their own helmet. It is actually cheaper in the end to buy a helmet, especially if you’re going to ski more than a couple of weeks in the future. It doesn’t matter if you rent a helmet or buy one, just make sure to cover your brainpan.

You should also invest in a few pairs of ski socks. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your standard cotton athletic sock is going to cut it. Those type of socks are too thick and will make your boots fit poorly. Additionally, cotton stinks as a wicking material, so your feet are going to sweat and stay wet. A good ski sock is made of merino wool (and some synthetics), so they are thin enough for your ski boot and keep your feet warm and dry.

Top Companies for New Hampshire Ski Rentals

SW Sports

Bob Skinner’s Ski and Sports