With over 55 skiable trails at Gunstock Mountain Resort, skiers want to make sure they are well equipped for the slopes. Terrain ranges from novice hills to expert. No matter what skill level, athletes will find it all. Skiers and snowboarders are able to rent equipment from various Gunstock Mountain ski rentals for a day or demo new equipment if they are in the market for new gear.

Plan ahead

Because winter is such a short season (or too long depending on who you are talking to) ski hills can get very busy. It’s important to plan ahead for Gunstock Mountain ski rentals. For this reason it’s important to remember to book any rental equipment you plan on having, in advance. While Gunstock Mountain ski rentals often have lots of options for skiers and snowboarders when it comes to sizing and make, you can never be too sure. Perhaps the weekend you go happens to be the same one lots of children will be there and so supplies for children would be limited. Rental staff will be able to tell you the appropriate size equipment that you will need but it’s always best to do a bit of research before.  Granite George Ski Rental Shop has affordable rates for ski rentals for either full or half-day rentals.

Customer satisfaction is key

Rental packages are available generally available for full day, or at three and a half hour intervals. This ensures skiers and snowboarders are not wasting money by having to buy a full days worth of rental if they intend on only being on the hill for a few hours. Of course, the more you ski the more you save. Ski rental packages with many Gunstock Mountain ski rentals include the use of skis, poles and boots.  Snowboard rentals include boots and snowboards. Helmets are available at additional cost and strongly recommended.

Stay warm and happy on the slopes

When spending a day on the slopes it’s important to remember to dress warm to really take advantage of the great conditions. Finding proper ski socks and are important. Always keep an extra pair in your bag just incase feet get wet. Long johns are also important in staying warm. Layering up helps to keep skiers and snowboarders on the slopes and not having to come inside to waste time warming up.

Other options available
There are other options available for renting nearby Gunstock Mountain Resort. Look around to make sure you are finding the best options for you:

Piches Ski & Sports: http://www.piches.com/

Lake Region Jet-Ski Rentals: http://www.lakesregionjetski.com/

Arlberg ski & surf shop: http://www.arlbergski.com/