With over 100 skiable acres, Dartmouth Skiway offers various terrains that are spread over two mountains. The mountains range from beginner to advanced and even have a terrain park for the more adventurous. A day on the slopes will have you admiring the views and laughing along with all the families. When it comes to skiing the early big gets the worm, or in this case best snow. Freshly groomed tracks greet the morning skiers as the sun rises over the mountain. The best way to enjoy freshly groomed snow is with newly tuned skis. Dartmouth Skiway ski rentals have options so make sure to check with us when planning your trip. With many relationships in the area we can help save you up to twenty percent off rental packages.

Tune up to ski down

Many novice skiers do not know the benefits of having tuned skis. When someone refers to ‘tuned’ skis they are talking about skis that have been sharpened along the metal edge, waxed and brushed. When a ski is tuned, hot wax is poured along the past in a dripping fashion and then smoothed out by a hot iron. The wax is then left for as long as possible before being scraped off by staff at Dartmouth Skiway ski rental shops. The wax at this point has seeped into the skis and any excess has been removed. A final brushing is used to get any additional debris. Wax is what helps skiers go fast. It also keeps the base of the skis in shape and keeps them lasting longer.

A ski is sharpened by a metal nail file-like tool, dragged all along the sides. The sharpening is what helps skiers really dig their skis into ice-y or difficult to maneuver terrain. As one can imagine, sharp skis aren’t necessarily a good thing to have in warm weather or loose snow. Dartmouth Skiway ski rental staff will know this and adjust the tuning procedure accordingly.

Get help when you need it

It’s always best to rely on the professionals at any Dartmouth Skiway ski rental shops when it comes to ski maintenance and knowing the proper equipment to choose. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little extra to get professional quality service. No matter which ski rental shop that’s chosen, skiers and snowboarders alike can feel safe that they are in the right hands. There are many options for ski rentals including:

Waterville Valley Resort Rental Shop: http://www.waterville.com/

Lakes Region Jet Ski Rentals: http://www.lakesregionjetski.com/

Village ski and sport: http://www.villageskiandsport.com/