This popular ski resort located in the middle of Mount Washington Valley, Cranmore offers great options when it comes to ski equipment rental. Enjoy this newly renovated resort  safely with proper equipment. It’s important to remember the cost of lugging ski equipment back and forth, especially for skiers travelling a long way. Convenience and affordability help to make a trip much more enjoyable. Consider renting ski equipment at the hill instead of spending money on extra luggage weight or trying to fit all of the ski equipment into a smaller car especially if you are travelling with a group of people. Cranmore Mountain ski rental companies do their best to give you great and affordable deals but make sure to check with us first. We could save you up to twenty percent on Cranmore Mountain ski rentals.

Premium Equipment

Many Cranmore Mountain ski rentals contain stocks of premium quality equipment. When it comes to enjoying a day on the slopes it is important to have the best available options. Better performance equipment helps one to carve out those turns no matter how big or small, or how rough the terrain may be.

Affordable Packages

Many of the Cranmore Mountain ski rental companies have a variety of packages are available. Adult pricing can start at forty dollars a day and go as low as twenty-nine dollars for children. For those looking to take advantage of the higher end performance equipment, ask staff members at any of the rental shops. For higher prices you may be able to test out Cranmore Mountain ski rentals that are high performance for more skilled skiers. Skiers and snowboarders can not forget the importance of safety, especially on the slopes. Helmets are available at any rental shop typically at the low cost of ten dollars a day.

Tune up to ski down

Any advanced skier knows the difference between a tuned and non-tuned ski or snowboard. Sharp skis allow for crisper turns down the hill. Newly waxed snowboards get athletes down the hill faster. Cranmore Mountain ski rental companies often offers professional grade tuning for all ski and snowboarding equipment. Same day tuning is not uncommon for those who require quick service. Adjustments and base repairs are generally also an option in case of emergencies.

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