A ski vacation at Attitash doesn’t have to cost a lot. A key area where you can save money is by renting your gear. Flying anywhere with skis can cost over two hundred dollars per trip, not to mention the initial cost of the gear. Still, even with renting, there are ways to save money. Here are a few tips to making your vacation dollar stretch when getting your Attitash ski rentals.

Spending Less for Your Gear

The one key to making sure you don’t spend more than you have to for your Attitash ski rentals is to make your rentals as far in advance as possible. This requires a little bit of planning, but by doing this, you can save big. When you know when you’re going to ski New Hampshire, check with us. We have cultivated relationships with the ski rental shops around Attitash and can get you up to 20 percent savings on all your gear rentals. Don’t forget, reserving through us not only saves you money, but it also saves you time. You get to skip the process of picking out your gear and go straight to trying it on and hitting the slopes.

If you forget to reserve with us in advance, don’t think that you still have to pay the walkup resort prices for your Attitash ski rentals. Don’t ever pay that price, because we’ve still got you covered. Consider that the walk up prices for a ski rental at Attitash start at $39 for the first day and continue at $35 for each additional day. For six days of skiing, that’s going to total $214. Now, if you’re heading to Attitash, you’re probably driving down SR-302. There are a slew of ski rental shops all along that road that will rent you the same gear for a lot cheaper. For example, Great American Ski Renting offers a basic package for six days that runs $116. That’s almost a hundred dollars that you save just by renting off-site.

Things to Remember to Pack

When you’re getting your Attitash ski rentals, don’t forget two important things. First, you will need a helmet. This is important because most basic ski packages don’t include a helmet because a lot of skiers own their own. Helmets are easy to pack and if you plan to ski more than a couple of weeks in your life, they tend to be a great investment. With a daily helmet rental running $10 and the cost of a brand new helmet being about $150, it’s easy to see why. Regardless of whether you choose to buy or rent, just make sure you’re wearing a helmet.

Other things that get overlooked when you’re packing are ski socks. Ski boots are supposed to be a snug fit and ordinary cotton athletic socks can interfere with that fit. They are too thick to allow a proper fit for a correct boot. Additionally, your feet are going to sweat. Cotton is not a good wicking material, so your feet are going to stay wet, leading to unhappy feet. Ski socks are made of merino wool or a synthetic blend, are thin, and wick away moisture well. Trust us on this. Spend the extra money and use them. Your feet will thank you.

Top Companies for New Hampshire Ski Rentals

Andes Mountain Sports

Sport Thoma

Great American Ski Renting

Bob and Terry’s