Wildcat Mountain is home to the second largest vertical (2112 feet) in New Hampshire and the ninth highest in New England. It also has great racing trails and amazing groomers. Best yet, a lift ticket to Wildcat Mountain is also good at Attitash. However, just because you get all these benefits doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try to save money on your lift tickets. We can help you get great discount Wildcat Mountain lift tickets with just a couple of tips. Here are the walk up prices for lift tickets at Wildcat for the 2015-2016 ski season.

Avoid the Window

If you’re interested in saving money on your lift tickets, you have to recognize one fact about pricing. The walk up prices at the resort window are the highest prices for lift tickets that you’ll ever see. So, if you want discount Wildcat Mountain lift tickets, you have to get them anywhere but there. The resorts count on visitors not looking for tickets elsewhere and accepting the cost as the price of admission. You don’t have to pay that much.

Saving With Us

That’s where we come in. With our help, you can get some great savings and get discount Wildcat Mountain lift tickets. We maintain a list of all the discounts that Wildcat Mountain offers so you can make the best decision for your vacation. Additionally, we’re constantly updating our database as deals change, so make sure to keep checking with us for the best deals. Remember that generally, the sooner you prepurchase your lift tickets, the more you can save.

Sometimes there are blackout dates that exclude the highest discounts. If this happens to you, there are other ways to get discount Wildcat Mountain lift tickets that may fit better with your schedule. Ski and stay packages are a collaboration between the resort and surrounding hotels that bundle in a lift ticket with your room. Over all, you end up saving quite a bit off the individual cost of each. Multi-day tickets are also a way to save some money on your lift tickets.

What About Half-Days?

We wouldn’t recommend getting a half-day ticket, especially if you’re on vacation. Think about the tradeoff you’re making. In exchange for saving just a few bucks, you miss out on half of the day skiing. Furthermore, you’re not missing out on the afternoon, you’re missing out on the morning skiing when the powder is fresh. Additionally, you’re on vacation. Missing out on half of a day of skiing is a big chunk of your time. Isn’t your vacation time worth more than the nominal amount you’re saving? The bottom line is that unless you get to Wildcat Mountain just before or after the cutoff time, get the full day ticket.