Whaleback in New Hampshire is the perfect hill to bring your family for a ski or snowboard vacation. With over thirty trails and a seven hundred foot vertical, riders of all skill levels will certainly find what they are looking for here. The mountain has the perfect combination of beginner and expert trails. No matter what your skill level is though, the last thing you want to do when going on a ski vacation is spending all of your money on expensive lift tickets. Make sure to check with us for discount Whaleback lift tickets as we make sure to have the best and latest discounts for you all season long. Listed below are last year’s lift ticket prices for your reference.

Avoid the Afternoon Tickets

Many skiers and snowboarders think that they can save money by purchasing the two-hour lift tickets that are available at Whaleback. These two hour tickets are cheaper for a reason. The mountain opens at nine in the morning. This is when you will find the best snow. The freshly groomed slopes and minimal lift lines make for the best way to start your day. Missing those first tracks, or the better part of a day of skiing, would be a shame. Starting later in the afternoon means you will be getting snow that has been pushed around or melted from the day’s adventures. You are better off purchasing a full day ticket so you can enjoy all the mountain has to offer at your leisure. We can help you find discount Whaleback lift tickets so you can take advantage of a full day of skiing instead of just two hours on your next trip!

Avoid Window Pricing

Whaleback, and many other resorts, have their highest prices for skiers and snowboarders who are purchasing tickets from the window. It is simple supply and demand logic. They know you will pay whatever rate they put up because you are already at the mountain, equipment on and ready to get skiing. Knowing what options exist can help you score discount Whaleback lift tickets before arriving at the hill. Generally speaking, the sooner you purchase tickets, the more likely you are to save. Let us help you make the most of your money when travelling as a family. We are constantly keeping up to date to make sure that we are bringing you the best rates possible when it comes to discount Whaleback lift tickets. Whatever you do, just make sure to check with us before you travel to ensure you are finding the best rates for discount Whaleback lift tickets.