Located on Mount Tecumseh in the center of New Hampshire, Waterville Valley is a mid-sized ski resort that features an impressive 2020-foot vertical. With classic New England skiing, Waterville attracts numerous visitors, including diehard locals and vacationers from abroad. No matter where they come from, when they get to the slopes, they still need lift tickets to get out on the mountain. The following is a list of the 2015-2016 ski season lift ticket prices.

Saving Money on Lift Tickets

Lift tickets are a part of skiing. When you go on vacation, you accept that this is a given expense, much like needing a hotel room and the cost of traveling to the resort. However, just as you can save money on your travel and lodging, you can save money on lift tickets. Getting discount Waterville Valley lift tickets is easy with our help. We maintain a database of discounts so you can be sure you’re saving the most money on your lift tickets. After all, the more money you save on lift tickets, the more money you can spend on other fun things.

There are quite a few other ways to save money on discount Waterville Valley lift tickets. You can save money by taking advantage of ski-and -stay packages. Lodging choices include the Town Square Condominiums, Snowy Owl, The Valley Inn, and the Black Bear Lodge. The packages include lift tickets with your lodging, so you save money overall. Most packages also include a gift card that gives you money to spend on food or toward rentals or even childcare.

Don’t Get Your Tickets at the Window

When you aim to save money on lift tickets, you definitely don’t want to get them at walk-up prices at the resort window. Resorts know that when people get there without a ticket purchased in advance, they’re really saying they’re willing to pay the listed price. Still, you have to realize that this price is the highest that you will pay for lift tickets anywhere. That means that anywhere else you get lift tickets is going to be less expensive. That’s how we can help, by gathering every deal available and making it easy for you to get discount Waterville Valley lift tickets.

Say No to Half-Day Tickets

Half-day tickets are designed to save you a little money in exchange for missing half of a day of skiing. On the surface, this sounds great, especially if you’re running late. Sure, you might have to wait in the lodge for a couple of hours for the cutoff time, but saving money is the point, right? Not really. You’re on vacation, which means your time is limited. Do you really want to spend that limited time hanging out, waiting to get out on the slopes? No, you really don’t. You came to Waterville to ski, so unless you’re really running late and get to the resort after the cutoff time, get that full day ticket and shred.