Storrs Hill Ski Area has been a local adventure spot in the winter since it was founded in 1922. As the only year-round Nordic ski jumping facility around, you can even spend some time watching a sport you possibly have never seen live before. Who knows, maybe you could even learn how to ski jump while in the area! No matter how you choose to have your adventure at Storrs Hill, your first priority is usually saving money. Check with us all season long as we can help you find discount Storrs Hill lift tickets. Listed below are last year’s lift ticket prices for your reference.

Stay Clear of the Window

When heading to Storrs Hill Ski Area for a weekend or a week of skiing one thing you will want to avoid is paying for the lift tickets at the window. To get the best prices and discount Storrs Hill lift tickets you are best buying the tickets in advance. By checking with us online as soon as you start booking your trip, you will certainly be able to find cheaper rates. Generally speaking, the further in advance you book your tickets the lower the price. Make sure to do your homework ahead of time because the worst thing you could do is arrive at the resort without having bought your tickets in advance.

Other Ways to Save

Many travelers also need accommodations when visiting Storrs Hill Ski Area. We try and work with local hotels or motels to provide you with cost saving ski and stay packages. Getting accommodations at the same time will help you find discount Storrs Hill lift tickets. Check with us for discount Storrs Hill lift tickets and make the most of your vacation. Even though the ticket prices at Storrs Hill Ski Area really are quite reasonable, saving a few dollars here and there can really add up. This is especially true the longer you plan on staying and skiing at Storrs Hill. Discount Storrs Hill lift tickets are not hard to come by if you know how to do your research and look in advance.

Finally, another great way to save money on your next ski vacation is by making sure you dress appropriately. Check the weather before you head out on the hills. Not dressing warm enough means more trips inside the lodge and likely more hot chocolates. In some cases you may even be forced to purchase warmer gear right at the ski hill which is less than ideal. Whatever way you choose to save money, make sure you are checking with us first for the best rates on discount Storrs Hill lift tickets.