Skiing Attitash is an amazing experience and one you’re going to remember forever. However, lift tickets for your ski vacation are often the biggest expense, outside of travel. Still, there are a few ways to make sure that you don’t spend more money than you need to. This makes it easy to get discount Attitash lift tickets. Below are the current prices for the 2015-2016 ski season. Keep in mind that these are the resort window prices.

Skip the Window

When it comes to your lift tickets, one of the worst feelings is that you’re spending money you don’t have to. If you find yourself at Attitash’s lift window about to pay full price, that’s what you’re going to do. After all, the window price is the highest price the resort will charge you for a lift ticket. Don’t do that, especially when it’s so easy to get good discount Attitash lift tickets. Let us help you save as much money as you can so your vacation is as memorable as possible.

Don’t Worry About Half Day Tickets

When it comes to half day tickets, you have to realize that they aren’t a good deal. For example, let’s say you arrive at the slopes a little late and you haven’t prepurchased your lift tickets. The half day at Attitash starts at noon, but you only save about fifteen bucks off of the full day rate. That means you’re going to be stuck in the lodge watching other people having fun instead of doing what you came to Attitash to do. A half day ticket only makes sense if you arrive just before or after the cutoff time, or if you’re there on a Sunday. Sunday half day tickets are a great deal at Attitash if you want to spend the morning relaxing. Thankfully, with as easy as it is to score discount Attitash lift tickets, you’ll never have to worry about window prices or half day tickets.

Discount Lift Tickets

Getting discount Attitash Resort lift tickets is as easy as planning ahead and shopping early. The best discounts are available when you shop early. Lift tickets, much like anything else vacation related get more expensive the longer you wait. Make sure you check with us as soon as you’re ready. Advance lift tickets are often limited, so it’s essential that you get them as soon as possible. We continually update our information so that you can make the best decisions for your vacation.

Other Ways to Save at Attitash

A great way to get some discount Attitash lift tickets is to book a ski and stay package. These are packages where Attitash collaborates with other hotels in the area and bundle your lodging with a lift ticket. This collaboration creates a discount on the overall price, saving you money and getting you a great deal on lift tickets. One discount to keep an eye out for are Ticket Special Days. You can get a great discount on your lift tickets with tremendous savings on the window rate. Military rates are also available if you’re active duty. This discount applies to you and your dependents.